The Australasian Philosophical Review, Volume 2, issue 2:

“Robert Pippin’s Reanimation of Hegel’s Philosophy”.

Call for expressions of interest for short commentaries.

The Australasian Philosophical Review is a new philosophy journal associated with the Australasian Association of Philosophy. Each issue is devoted to a particular topic, and is centred on an essay contributed by a lead author, together with commentaries on that essay, from a number from invited authors and a number selected after an open call for papers.

Volume 2.2, “Robert Pippin’s Reanimation of Hegel’s Philosophy”, is devoted to Pippin’s innovative interpretation of Hegel’s philosophy, first presented in his Hegel’s Idealism: The Satisfactions of Self-Consciousness (CUP, 1989) and developed in a string of monographs and articles since then. In his essay for the volume, “Reading Hegel”, Pippin presents and defends the main outlines of his interpretation of Hegel across issues that range from the question of Hegel’s metaphysics to the role of his philosophy of art. The three invited commentaries are from Markus Gabriel, James Kreines and Christopher Yeomans.

We invite expressions of interest for 2000-3000 word commentaries on “Reading Hegel” by the submission of 100-500 word abstracts, stating clearly the aspects of the target article that will be discussed together with an indication of the line that will be taken. To view the article you must register as an online commentator with the APR at: Abstract submissions will be due on 22nd May, 2018, and invitations to write commentaries of 2000-3000 words will be issued on the 5th June. The full-length commentaries will then be due on 31st July 2018.

Paul Redding, Simon Lumsden, Heikki Ikäheimo, editorial committee for APR, vol. 2.2.