Paul Redding   
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
School of Philosophical and Historical Studies
University of Sydney



Thoughts, Deeds, Words and World

continental idealismanalytic philosophy
logic of affecthegel's hermeneutics

I work mainly in the areas of Kantian and Hegelian philosophy and the tradition of continental idealism more generally. In particular I'm interested in the relationship of this tradition to the later movements of analytic philosophy and pragmatism, as well as issues in idealist logic, philosophical psychology and philosophy of religion. I am a fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities and a past president of the Australasian Association of Philosophy.

I am the author of Hegel's Hermeneutics (Cornell University Press, 1996), The Logic of Affect (Cornell University Press,  1999), Analytic Philosophy and the Return of Hegelian Thought (Cambridge University Press, 2007), Continental Idealism: Leibniz to Nietzsche (Routledge, 2009) and Thoughts, Deeds, Words and World: Hegel's Idealist Response to the Linguistic "Metacritical Invasion" (Davies Group Publishing, 2016). Together with Paolo Diego Bubbio I co-edited Religion after Kant: God and Culture in the Idealist Era (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2012). My current projects are on Hegel's idealism considered as a variety of modal actualism, and Hegel's logic considered in the light of recent advances in non-classical intensional logics.


*** Australasian Philosophical Review, vol. 2, issue 2, "Robert Pippin's Reanimation of Hegel's Philosophy" ***

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